It goes without saying that providing a phenomenal product or service is a necessity in having a lasting business. However, the product or service is not the only factor in determining success. Good business practices are a must in creating a solid foundation for your business. At Paymentsmith, we understand that excellent business practices don’t just appear overnight. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best business practices to keep in mind while starting, growing and maintaining your business. 

Streamline Branding and Marketing Endeavors

In today’s world, businesses are able to reach their audience in a variety of ways. Most of these avenues exist within a digital medium — and the internet never forgets. That’s why it’s extremely important to be sure your business is creating a coherent brand throughout each platform. Marketing efforts that are clunky or disjointed do not present a unified front. Ultimately, un-solidified branding can hurt your business for the long-haul. 

The quickest way to ensure your marketing efforts are consistent is by streamlining your messaging. Your website, social media and any other exterior facing content should all reflect the same messaging and verbiage throughout. Creating seamless content that backlinks between your social media, website and affiliate sites is a great way to gain brand recognition and traction. The current state of the world is one of interconnectivity. Your business should reflect that if you want to stay relevant.  

Reaffirm Your Company’s Mission

When deciding to start a business, your mission statement should be one of the first items on your to do list. Why? Because your mission statement is the guiding force behind your business and dictates your company’s values from the inside-out. A mission statement should properly express why you started the company, what your differentiator is or what you intend to provide for your customer. If others can align their values with your company’s mission…you’re in business my friend.

It’s part of best business practices to evaluate your mission statement as your company continues to transform and grow to be sure it accurately reflects your business. Keep in mind that your mission statement, at its core, should be all encompassing to the character of your business. However, it is natural to add or change elements of that as it continues to grow. 

Set Clear Team Expectations

Setting team expectations and accountability will have one of the largest impacts on your business.  When a new team member joins your company, a meeting should be held to ensure every member has a clear understanding of his or her roles and responsibilities. Making sure that routine ‘check-points’ to evaluate performance are implemented is an absolutely necessary way to keep employees accountable. Clear analytics will tell all when it comes to performance issues and finger-pointing. 

Put in place a roadmap for employees that outlines what must be accomplished in order to move up or stay employed at your company. Failing to provide a simple roadmap to success can cause disgruntled employees. Making sure that each employee is fully-aware of their expectations for their job on day one is paramount to retaining employees in the long-run. 

Create Your Process

Why are processes important? They’re important because they describe how things are done. Also, a good process provides the focus for improvement. A process ultimately determines what the outcome of your business goals will be. If you focus on the right processes, in the right way, you can design your way to success. 

Create a funnel and order of operations for employees to follow and communicate what responsibilities and tasks each employee ‘owns.’ This will improve efficiency and lessen the chances of tasks being forgotten or shuffled from member to member. Documenting these processes is equally as important as creating them. This provides you with the facts to base your operational decisions during stages of growth for your business. 

Maintain Company Culture

Teamwork, teamwork teamwork. We can’t stress enough how much teamwork fosters great company culture in a business. Employees working together towards a common goal of the success of the business is what you want, right? Well, you can achieve this by carefully hiring a diverse group of team-players. The most creative business solutions are formed by empowering diversity. Naturally, when you compile several different perspectives, you’re going to get more creative solutions. Encouraging and implementing a diverse group of team players is one of the best ways to create a great company culture today. 

Working in a positive environment boosts morale, overall happiness and satisfaction. Creating a feeling of community, acceptance and growth is important when developing company culture. When employees are happier at their place of work, productivity soars and turnover rates plummet. Take time to do outings for employees. Events like happy hours, group charity missions, and company retreats are great ways to get your employees together outside the office. Teamwork, diversity and growing relationships with your employees are great ways to boost company culture!

If you are not currently following these best business practices, it’s time to start maintaining the path to business success. In stages of growth, remember to streamline marketing endeavors, reaffirm your company mission, set clear team expectations, create and document processes and to maintain company culture. Tackle these best business practices and turn your resources into high performing assets.