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Increase online sales by providing your online shoppers with a seamless website checkout experience.

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Efficient E-Commerce Platforms

Use Paymentsmith to securely accept online payments efficiently while enjoying all the extra benefits of PCI compliance, quick deposits, API and inventory integrations.


PCI Compliance

Our online payment APIs facilitate your PCI-DSS compliance. We take on the liability of staying compliant, which means no checklists, audits, or assessments required.


Quick Deposits

Receive your funds faster with Paymentsmith. We deposit your money into your bank account as soon as the next business day, so that you never have waiting periods.


API Integrations

Integrate our payment solutions directly into your online business operations—order fulfillment, shipping, sales tax, and more all from one single spot and pay no monthly fee.


Integrate Inventory

Accept payments online and in person without the headache of keeping your books accounted for. Inventory, orders, and items from both types of sales stay in sync automatically.

Online Solutions

Simple integration no matter your e-commerce requirements, your online store will be up and running smoothly with Paymentsmith. We’ve plugged into every major shopping cart, and are ready to architect a seamless and secure cloud based solutions thats tailored to your business with patented security to your your business out of scope. Don’t forget to ask about our subscriptionmanagement.

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Customize with Paymentsmith API's

Securely take online payments on your custom-built website with Paymentsmith APIs. Simplify checkout by giving customers the option to save cards on file or pay with digital wallets. If you sell online and in person with Paymentsmith, your sales and customer data gets seamlessly integrated in one place.

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Scale Your Website

Paymentsmith integrates with top eCommerce platforms, which means you can create a custom online shopping experience, sell a wide array of products, and use Paymentsmith to securely accept online payments.

Online Solution Benefits

There's a reason why business owners trust Paymentsmith website solutions to run their business. Actually, there's three.

Seamless Technology

Our software and hardware seamlessly integrate together, saving you time and energy. You can track sales and inventory in real time and get fast access to your account from anywhere.

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Secured Information

We don't take security lightly. Our best-in-class tools prevent fraud, hacking, and data breaches beyond industry requirements so you can avoid expensive fines and fees.

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Fanatical Support

No hidden fees, no contracts, no call-centers, no B.S. We provide fanatical service to each and every customer with a dedicated, local account representative that's there when you need them. 

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