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Omni-Channel Solutions

From interchange optimization to invoicing solutions to software and QuickBooks integrations, our solutions go beyond payments. The simplicity of Paymentsmith solutions are tailored to save you time and money. 


Streamline and simplify the way you take your payments in person with revolutionary products designed to fit your unique business needs.

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Simplify the way you take payments online with all the tools and features needed to power your online business.

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Accept payments anywhere with our EMV enabled devices. Manually enter, dip or swipe with confidence and access reports in real time.

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Simple integration no matter your e-commerce requirements, your online store will be up and running smoothly with Paymentsmith. We’ve plugged into every major shopping cart, and are ready to architect a seamless and secure cloud based solution. In addition, our solutions are tailored to your business with patented security to protect yourself as well as your customers. Also, don’t forget to ask about our subscription management!

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Our mobile application offers a robust set of on-the-go payments. Boasting an EMV enabled mobile swiper, product categories for any business, and the ability to add tip and send email receipts, you’ll be able to move and groove wherever your business takes you. With on-the-go reporting and management tools keeping your business moving forward.

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Don't gamble your business when it comes to payment processing.

First, We help protect your customers and your margins. Second, we provide transparent pricing and state of the art technology which helps you scale and do commerce the way you want.

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Customer Case Study: Workuity

Workuity, a professional co-working company, partners with Paymentsmith for merchant processing during expansion across the greater Phoenix area. Before Workuity used Paymentsmith, they were dealing with multiple systems that didn't talk to each other, causing a bottleneck effect.

Why Workuity Chose Paymentsmith

Workuity switched to Paymentsmith primarily because of price, but also because Paymentsmith possessed the technology to integrate all their systems into one and speed up deposit times. Being a B2B business, Workuity was able to take full advantage of Paymentsmith’s interchange optimization savings program.

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What is Workuity?

Workuity is a coworking facility which offers workspaces that combine the flexibility, community, and the sophistication that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups demand in an office space.

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  • Workuity was a fantastic place to start Paymentsmith. Not only did the space give us a more refined look right off the bat, but we were able to network and connect with so many other professionals and business owners that have created lasting relationships.
    John Norton
    Owner of Paymentsmith
  • One of the biggest benefits to us in working with Paymentsmith is the level of customer service we’ve received. The Paymentsmith team is very responsive when we need them.
    Dan Kite
    Owner of Workuity

Customer Support

Paymentsmith provided Workuity with real account management versus a hotline most payment companies provide.

Cost Savings

Paymentsmith provided Workuity transparent pricing and interchange optimization to save them money month over month.


Paymentsmith provided Workuity with the most efficient technology that integrated into their proprietary systems seamlessly.

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Read the full story about Workuity in our blog.

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