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Give your customersthe ability to receive, review, and pay their bills online. Put more time and money back into your business.

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SmartPay is a powerful, flexible, enterprise-level online billing and payment system that gives your customers the ability to receive, view, and pay their bills online. SmartPay is easy to implement and cost-effective to use.

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Customer History

Never ask for the same information twice. Once it’s entered, it will remain securely in our system. On top of that, SmartPay will notify a customer when their payment method is close to expiring.

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Real-Time Insight

Immediate updates upon payment remittance mean you are always the first to know when an invoice is paid. Plus, your customers can take comfort in knowing their payment went through successfully with our instant notification.

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Incentivize Your Customers

Reward your most reliable customers and encourage the challenging ones to be timely by offering custom discounts for early payments. Simply enter how much of a discount you’d like to offer and we’ll apply it.

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Invoicing Solution Benefits

There's a reason why business owners trust Paymentsmith mobile solutions to run their business. Actually, there's three.

Seamless Technology

Our software and hardware seamlessly integrate together, saving you time and energy. You can track sales and inventory in real time and get fast access to your account from anywhere.

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Secured Information

We don't take security lightly. Our best-in-class tools prevent fraud, hacking, and data breaches beyond industry requirements so you can avoid expensive fines and fees.

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Fanatical Support

No hidden fees, no contracts, no call-centers, no B.S. We provide fanatical service to each and every customer with a dedicated, local account representative that's there when you need them. 

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